How long will we plead, how long will we beg?
How long will the world pretend to be deaf?
To the earnest appeals of saving the soul
Of the girl child—ENOUGH ! NO MORE
No more will we say-“Please! Let her live!’
No more will we beg-“Please let her be born!”
We shall just shake  the conscience of men
And question the integrity of one and all.
O mothers! Why have  you been  all so weak?
Our Indianness has made you so very meek,
You crumble under pressure and bow to commands
For your own child , you can’t take a stand?
Absorb all strength from nature and from Gods!
Empower yourself and fight against all odds!
The world knows us as one word ‘WOMEN’
Let’s show to them, ‘WE’ are the real ‘MEN’
If I am strong who will ask me to abort,
The life of my daughter and cut it so short?
If I choose to give birth to my child
And I choose to be firm and not meek’n’ mild,
How can anyone dare to force me to bow?
Come on let us make the whole world know!
”Play not with our lives , play not with our feelings
We are the better halves, not spineless weaklings”
O fathers wake up now! And change your mind set
Restrictions are good, give them to sons instead!
Teach them to respect and honor their sisters
The cousins, classmates and their mothers.
Be firm and not be gentle, with your strong hold,
The sons would be considerate and daughters would be bold.
The cracks in the society are not caused in a day
We overlook these flaws and let insults sway.
If sons are taught to know the limit of their words
Then life will smoothly sail ,no girl will feel so scared.
Let no convict be spared, no law forgive all those
Who violate dignity of women who bring them shame and woes
If mothers and fathers join hands to shape character
Of their worthy sons and of their dear daughters,
If we don’t turn our backs and prove tough fighters,
If we raise our voice against every defaulter-
We will not have to hang our heads in shame
Reading the newspapers will not be a pain
No GUDIYA will be teased, no NIRBHAYA will then die
No JESSICA will be shot, society will not cry.
[The names Gudiya,Nirbhaya, and Jessica are all of those girls who have been victims of rape/ cruelty]
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So meaning ful and relevant!

Life, recently. Sweet mother of all that is holy and good, you guys, my heart has been so weary. It feels like my skin is flipped inside out and I’m staring wide-eyed directly into the blazing hot sun during hurricane-grade winds that just will not let up. So many of our brothers and sisters are […]

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hairline vs waistline !

When you are on the wrong side of 40 there are only two lines that are important to you:hair line and waistline.

All the other lines don’t matter. The first one gives you a shock every time you go in front of the mirror even to wash your hands. The cruelty is increased manifold if this washbasin mirror has a bulb on the top. The parting grows wider with each passing day and the parting pain of the once so lovely and luxurious strands becomes unbearable. So now when you walk out on the streets, its not the dresses that catch your eyes, its the dark lovely hair of ladies orthe headful of hair of men walking so confidently ahead of you which makes you lose the little self esteem you had. The hairline shows the won or lost battle against age. So now you listen to the hair lotion ads a bit too carefully. The model convinces you that it was only because of this particular lotion that he/she gained her hair and confidence both.You toy with the idea and eventually after much rumination ,give in. No sooner have you called the company whose plan has been crafted so perfectly to rob you of your savings too, that  you begin dreaming yourself as being blessed with lustrous locks heavy tresses and you can even picture the surprised jealousy on the faces of your relatives in the coming family get together. What’s more you begin to hear their addictive compliments.

Wait ! there is another line waiting for your attention and this line is inversely proportionate to the receding hairline.

Yes! this is your waistline which increases as silently and stubbornly as the withdrawing hairline. Your trousers revolt and the shirts refuse to let the buttons stay on place.Every time you try to locate the button which has flown to some remote corner in the room as a result of your tussle with the last years trousers, your wife screams and reminds you to visit the gym regularly. Your embarrassment knows no limits when she announces publicly about your steadfast vow to resume workouts and which always were pushed backseat due to your melting determination.You suddenly begin to understand the secret behind Vodafones icon “zoozoo’ which has a pear shaped body and an egg shaped face. This waistline makes you order all kinds of belts/ waist toners that scream on various channels about their unchallenged ability to reduce few inches within a few days. You are again transported to the Disneyland of your dreams. Thanks to alll the messages on Positive thinking in your Whats App groups, you fly your kite once again. No sooner have you placed the order for the latest tummy tucking belt ,you start listening to the great words from your loved ones which were never uttered.You undergo the torturous exercise of squeezing your bulging form into the socks like looking belt and keep visiting the mirror in the vain hope of seeing your pear like form to become hour glass figure.

Every sweet seems to betray you and kids start eyeing your half teaspoon more sugar in the coffee.When you go shopping and pick a shirt/ top to try, the salesman unabashedly tells you -“You need extra large size sir!’while politely taking away the shirt in your hand.You enter the parties with your stomach sucked in to face the the hired cameramen so ready to catch every glimpse of the guests. Every friend who meets you in the party keeps bragging about what all he is doing to keep himself fit and fine and you squirm at the thought of this friend taking you for the morning walk next morning.

Such are the woes of waistline and hairline , the LOCs of one’s existence.


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Guest interview: A thrilling and edifying chat with remarkable educationist.

Success Inspirers World

    Slide1I got to know Mr. Ashok through one of his students. I am delighted that I became inspired to take him as my guest on Success Inspirer’s World. I Wonder if anyone would read this interview and not be inspired. Mr. Ashok speaks with confidence on a subject he masters.Slide1

Hello Mr. Ashok! Thank you for accepting to be a guest on this site. It is a wonderful pleasure to have this chat with you and I feel convinced that my readers will enjoy hearing from you.pic for school

I am truly privileged. Consider this; I have earned this interview on the strength of a student of mine, Apeksha. Joy is boundless. Thank you for your graciousness.

You are the head of an academic institution in India and I was attracted to you because I met this young, brilliant girl on the blogosphere, Apeksha, and got to know she is…

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In this world, so very ephemeral

All that survives is – natural.

We build bridges and dams and  towers

We decorate the skyscrapers and bowers

we carve roads and pierce the oceans 

we find time for all our passions, 

But in this world so ephemeral ,

What survives is all natural. 

The bridges are blown by winds of change

the towers are targetted by flying planes

Sky scrapers slime away in sands

And roads ramble away in His hands

In this world so very ephemeral ,

All that survives is only natural.

The mighty winds roar and destroy

the sizzling waters toss ships as toys

the skies rain so much of pain

man learns no lessons, blind with gains,

In this world, so very ephemeral

All that survives is – natural.


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From the heart of a CHILD LABOUR



-Sunita Rajiv

My family has children four.

Ma says there‘ll be one more

And we will be five of us

All working as child labours.


I do all the work in your home

Sweeping dusting night and day

All day I have to roam

Following orders come what may.


I walk you to the bus stop

You get in to go to the school,

My heart misses a throb

God !Will I die such a fool?


Why my parents sold me to you?

Why your parents bought me then?

Why you’ve everything in life?

Why I curse the ways of men?


Don’t we have the right to live?

Don’t we have a right to grow?

Don’t people have some sense?

To my parents they could say “NO”


If only you stand for me

And tell your family to wake.

And let me also live my life

And let me not die on a stake!


If you are someone’s son ,

So am I, of God who is great!

If your life has all the fun

Then why so black is my fate?


If all those sitting here

Take a vow to say NO to those

Who force their kids to slave,

Who don’t know a child’s woes.


Then only I can be free

From slogs and toil and strife

Then only I can breathe

And love the magic called life

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values:a different way to learn.

The children are the cctv cameras fitted in our lives by God Almighty. We have to be doubly cautious how we behave and how we conduct ourselves. Picture a small child sitting in the car with his pa and the father is driving him to the school. At a red light the father speeds his car and moves on. He is already late for his office and who knows the schools gate will be closed by the time he raeches there. What has the child observed. We canm flou rules if need be. Do you think we can teach this child to obey traffic rules.

A lot of thinking is needed. Values need lot of thinking and we dont teach children to think.

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