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Words and sword,
have the same letters
And the same effect
If used unwisely.
Punish me not,
for a fault that you too did
In your own childhood!

Punish me not

with those scathing words
That cut my soul.
Punish me not
with that dismissing glance ,
Ridiculing me like a mole.


My plea to thee
Just care for me
And with a loving tone please guide me.

I won’t go astray
If you just once say,
You have faith in me.

I have always searched
The eyes of all
to find some praise for me.

Be my angel,
And be my guide
Don’t punish me
Just stay by my side!



About sunitarajiv2009

A learner at heart..........who believes that God made children to teach us the subtle message of life.
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