KARNA-The unsolved dilemma of conscience

KARNA –Ek Maun Kolahal.

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In Mahabharat, which is a saga of re-establishing dharma, a fierce battle settles the scores between two families and brothers astound the world with the utter fanaticism of their vows, there emerges a character who has no parallel in any mythology or history -Karna.
           The story of Karna is the story of lost identity, rejection, humiliation and resurgence. In a society so claustrophobically chained in the shackles of Varna, he finds himself bestowed with divinity but eclipsed by the identity of being a Sutputra. He writhes in pain when denied acceptance by Gurus, scoffed at by the woman he aspires to be the suitor of and rejected by Kshatriya clan. Karna braves all atrocities to remain true to his one friend indeed, Duryodhan and stands the test of all storms by clinging staunchly on to his principle of faithfulness. His valour is unmatchable and so is his generosity. His life is an odyssey of a man who strives to prove his worth at every turn of events without achieving desired results.

The irony of irony is, the truth of his noble birth is revealed to him at a point when he can least take it. He rises to heroic stature by rejecting the promise of life and security like a true tragic hero.
He still assures his mother with an unprecedented magnanimity that she will remain a mother of five sons, no matter what.
Destiny smiles cruelly but Karna chooses not to let her label him an unfaithful coward, an opportunist and undutiful son. He accepts his catharsis and knows that the arrow that sucks his own life, has been shot from his own blood.
This tale of a mother and her betrayal to her son makes Karna an unforgettable story of the unsolved dilemma which haunts the realms of conscience forever.


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