Teaching Colours

The nature lures creatures to itself with the bait of attractive colours.The luscious mangoes,juicy apples, glistening cherries,ripened pears and brightness of oranges lures the birds in flight to take a break and perch upon the laden branches to taste the bounties of nature.The early schools sensed this phenomenon and created learning places which were rich with bright colours, pleasing infrastructure and had all the magnetism to draw the little newcomer to the school.
Presently all the schools take pride in their Preprimary section which wears the brightness of Venus and purity of Cupid in its decor.
Walls are painted, sometimes stories are depicted and very colour finds a place in the galleries of Preprimary.
The curriculum of preprimary secures a special place to teach the colours to little learners who find the world of colours most fascinating.
Traditional method:
It is a very common practice to show charts or books having different objects of the primary colours to children.Often the kids are given a colouring sheet to colour with same colour.Setting little hands at work we feel quite satisfied that we have taught the colour to our students.
It is a good idea to bring things into the classroom which are red in colour.
If the teacher brings a red ball, a red rose, tomato, red chilli, red bell pepper,an apple, cherries and a red powder(sindur) the children will find this more interesting than just coloring a sheet.This is called use of realia in classroom.
Using this method has been found to be more engaging and rewarding than just showing the color red in a book.
Years ago, while teaching yellow colour, one if my little angel chimed in an excited voice
“You are wearing yellow too.”
When I played Tippy Tippy Tap with my little team, many of them ran to me to touch ‘yellow’ to be in a safe zone.
Their laughter knew no bounds.They were thrilled that their teacher had worn that colour too.
Years later when I was fortunate enough to lead a team of dynamic and creative teachers in Preprimary, I floated the same idea to my team.
So we taught every colour with realia and the entire team coming dressed in the same colour on the day of introduction of that colour

Experiential learning is the best way of learning and the impact of the experience is quite long lasting.Taking the Ss out and asking them to identify where is red in the Display board or plants ,will engage the children  and bring an excitement in the classroom which will make them waiting for more.

About sunitarajiv2009

A learner at heart..........who believes that God made children to teach us the subtle message of life.
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