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Just so big is your chaos

So little are my efforts

In this ocean of suffering

So fragile are our oars.

You want us to be righteous,

You want us to be true.

Then why you send us troubles

With each day that is new?

Man is becoming a beast

who lusts like one possessed

A beast that knows just needs

And leaves others oppressed.

 Then where are you my Krishna!

Once Draupadi  you had saved

Why can’t you hear the cries

Of Nirbhayas crushed and raped?

What are you waiting for Krishna?

What keeps you away from action?

Weren’t you the one who told Partha

Act ! delve in no depression!

We are waiting for your chakra,

We are waiting for your mace,

We are waiting for your justice

With our patience ,do keep pace.

Let not all daughters of India

Lose faith and feel orphaned

Give them the divinity of Durga

Let them be more strengthened.

Don’t wait any more O Krishna!

It’s time to right the wrongs

Reply to all our questions

 And answer our true calls  !

and answer our true calls!

About sunitarajiv2009

A learner at heart..........who believes that God made children to teach us the subtle message of life.
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1 Response to TO KRISHNA

  1. On this night of Janmashtami, I pray He comes again, to rid this earth of all Duryodhans and Dushasans…………………..

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