How long will we plead, how long will we beg?
How long will the world pretend to be deaf?
To the earnest appeals of saving the soul
Of the girl child—ENOUGH ! NO MORE
No more will we say-“Please! Let her live!’
No more will we beg-“Please let her be born!”
We shall just shake  the conscience of men
And question the integrity of one and all.
O mothers! Why have  you been  all so weak?
Our Indianness has made you so very meek,
You crumble under pressure and bow to commands
For your own child , you can’t take a stand?
Absorb all strength from nature and from Gods!
Empower yourself and fight against all odds!
The world knows us as one word ‘WOMEN’
Let’s show to them, ‘WE’ are the real ‘MEN’
If I am strong who will ask me to abort,
The life of my daughter and cut it so short?
If I choose to give birth to my child
And I choose to be firm and not meek’n’ mild,
How can anyone dare to force me to bow?
Come on let us make the whole world know!
”Play not with our lives , play not with our feelings
We are the better halves, not spineless weaklings”
O fathers wake up now! And change your mind set
Restrictions are good, give them to sons instead!
Teach them to respect and honor their sisters
The cousins, classmates and their mothers.
Be firm and not be gentle, with your strong hold,
The sons would be considerate and daughters would be bold.
The cracks in the society are not caused in a day
We overlook these flaws and let insults sway.
If sons are taught to know the limit of their words
Then life will smoothly sail ,no girl will feel so scared.
Let no convict be spared, no law forgive all those
Who violate dignity of women who bring them shame and woes
If mothers and fathers join hands to shape character
Of their worthy sons and of their dear daughters,
If we don’t turn our backs and prove tough fighters,
If we raise our voice against every defaulter-
We will not have to hang our heads in shame
Reading the newspapers will not be a pain
No GUDIYA will be teased, no NIRBHAYA will then die
No JESSICA will be shot, society will not cry.
[The names Gudiya,Nirbhaya, and Jessica are all of those girls who have been victims of rape/ cruelty]

About sunitarajiv2009

A learner at heart..........who believes that God made children to teach us the subtle message of life.
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2 Responses to ENOUGH ! NO MORE!

  1. Preeti says:

    Too good ma’am…

  2. Thank you so much dear Preeti! welcome to my abode!

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