The world I wish to be born in..

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Give me a world which has just these-

Bread ‘n butter and sometimes cheese!

A roof over my head which no one takes,

Love prevails and compassion makes

bonds, that cement hearts together

to love and let live-like sisters and brothers.

No hate exists in minds or books

We value others views and outlook.

No fear looms like dark grey clouds

No life is lost in violent bouts.

War or strife don’t exist

Truth is not concealed in mist.

Such a world is not a Utopian thought

If we be HUMANE , it can be brought!

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What am I thankful for?

Today an educator asked, “What are you thankful for?”

Here is my answer-

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For every breath
For this life!
For my struggles
For my strife!
For the love of
Children, so pure
For their faith
Makes me sure!
God is there
He loves all,
We are brethren
His children all!
Every moment
Is a gift that says
Gratitude will
Be cherished always!
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Let me be a lamp!

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So big is the ocean
So little my drop
So much to be done
For this new crop
So serene I feel
As a teacher of today!
If only my zeal
Could make the nation sway
If I can’t be sun
Then let me be a lamp!
If I could change one
More will join the camp.
So let me not complain
Nor should I whine
For me teaching them
Will always be a prime.
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We lead our lives and do not pause
Or stop a while to find the cause
Of our failures and our woes
Days are spent and the whole week goes.

Like a fallen leaf in a speeding stream
We lead our lives as if in a dream!

We need to stop we need to reflect
Review our decisions and introspect.

Strength of character needs introspection
Which is the result of true reflection.

Find some time to spend with yourself
Seek solitude, in deep thoughts delve.

Judge your own acts and your words
Analyze and think, how you conversed .

Was there a moment when you yourself did know

When we introspect, our flaws we do see
By judging ourselves ,we realize the need

To prune our ego ’n chisel our character
For what else can make us shape even better?

Than one simple act that needs determination,
Yes dear friends, it’s called INTROSPECTION !


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I am a soul

Manifestation of His joy

Longing for life in this ethereal existence

In the wilderness called -world.


I am NOT!

A colour – that defines my existence

It’s a wrapper, not the gift,

Don’t judge me by my cover

For, I am profound,

In this wilderness called world!


I am NOT!

A caste -that stifles the breath of being

And binds the citizens of a free nation

With invisible ropes.

Preventing them from embracing all!

I am serene, in this wilderness called -world.


I am NOT!

A creed-that looks down upon other

creations of God

That make the lives complex

By unmindful onslaughts of terror.

I am PEACE in this wilderness called- world.


I am brother to all,

With love I melt all walls

That stand between two creeds

Belittling their efforts to knead emotions

In this wilderness called- world.


I am a sister to all,

Who hugs their dreams ‘n aspirations,

Who knows not limits of colors

That enters them in a brawl,

And loses them in this wilderness called world!


I am a soul called LOVE

That knows the joy of peace

That tastes the ambrosia sweet

And makes all see His light

Glowing in our beings -in this wilderness called-world!

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Words and sword,
have the same letters
And the same effect
If used unwisely.
Punish me not,
for a fault that you too did
In your own childhood!

Punish me not

with those scathing words
That cut my soul.
Punish me not
with that dismissing glance ,
Ridiculing me like a mole.


My plea to thee
Just care for me
And with a loving tone please guide me.

I won’t go astray
If you just once say,
You have faith in me.

I have always searched
The eyes of all
to find some praise for me.

Be my angel,
And be my guide
Don’t punish me
Just stay by my side!



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KARNA-The unsolved dilemma of conscience

KARNA –Ek Maun Kolahal.

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In Mahabharat, which is a saga of re-establishing dharma, a fierce battle settles the scores between two families and brothers astound the world with the utter fanaticism of their vows, there emerges a character who has no parallel in any mythology or history -Karna.
           The story of Karna is the story of lost identity, rejection, humiliation and resurgence. In a society so claustrophobically chained in the shackles of Varna, he finds himself bestowed with divinity but eclipsed by the identity of being a Sutputra. He writhes in pain when denied acceptance by Gurus, scoffed at by the woman he aspires to be the suitor of and rejected by Kshatriya clan. Karna braves all atrocities to remain true to his one friend indeed, Duryodhan and stands the test of all storms by clinging staunchly on to his principle of faithfulness. His valour is unmatchable and so is his generosity. His life is an odyssey of a man who strives to prove his worth at every turn of events without achieving desired results.

The irony of irony is, the truth of his noble birth is revealed to him at a point when he can least take it. He rises to heroic stature by rejecting the promise of life and security like a true tragic hero.
He still assures his mother with an unprecedented magnanimity that she will remain a mother of five sons, no matter what.
Destiny smiles cruelly but Karna chooses not to let her label him an unfaithful coward, an opportunist and undutiful son. He accepts his catharsis and knows that the arrow that sucks his own life, has been shot from his own blood.
This tale of a mother and her betrayal to her son makes Karna an unforgettable story of the unsolved dilemma which haunts the realms of conscience forever.


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